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Are we human because of unique traits and attributes
not shared with either animal or machine? The definition 
of “human” is circular: we are human by virtue of the
properties .

Interview par Janice Robbins — Portrait par Ewan Johnson

Hi Rosh, you're a highly successful product of the "slashie" generation. What do you say when people ask you what you do?

That's kind. I say that I started a jewellery brand based on Dante, so that I could design, and tell stories through photography and images.

What was the original inspiration behind Aligheri jewellery?


Dante Alighieri - one pieces for each poem of the Divine Comedy.


What does a woman in a well-cut suit evoke for you?

I live in an ad-hoc suit - black trousers and a blazer. With sneakers, or Birkenstocks, it's the ultimate uniform, and I think that there is nothing more chic.

What are your top three favourite places EVER to go when you’re in London?



Hampstead Heath — Roka — The London Library in St James' Square


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