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ANA GIRARDOT, ACTRICE - Photo: Sandra Semburg


  • 1 - Hello Ana, what are your plans for the new year?

    In the fall I will be performing "Knock" by Loraine Levy with Omar Sy. I also release a capsule collection with the brand "Pablo" inspired by the character of an artist. I loved working on this project as I prepare my film characters. I play in my characters and visualize a perfect locker room for them. Clothing is very important to assert itself and take to the world. It is a way of expressing oneself that perfectly illustrates our personality.

  • 2 - You created the Ana G bag brand, why did you get this urge and what was your click to get started?

    I've always wanted to create bags. I am passionate about these accessories that I consider to be life companions, but also fashion objects that I cherish and collect since always. On a trip to Hong Kong I discovered a small workshop where I made my first bag. And then I made two for girlfriends and then I continued. I make small collections according to my inspirations and the trips I can make. I would like to partner more and more with local artisans who inspire me.

  • 3- Who is your fashion icon and why?

    Katherine Hepburn

    Lauren Bacall

    Lauren Hutton

    Charlotte Rampling

    Each has, in their style, been able to link with elegance and classifies their share of femininity as much as their share of masculinity. They are strong women and I admire that in a woman.

  • 4 - What does a woman in a suit remind you of?

    Precisely a woman in a suit is a woman of action. A woman who is moving forward. She knows how to link a sexy and elegant femininity to a masculine cut. She has an assertive figure. I would like to play a woman in a suit it's very interesting to build. I like the way a woman stands in a suit, the way her eyes look at her interlocutors. I can imagine his strengths but also his fears.

  • 5- What are your three favourite places in Paris?

    The café of the post office in the marsh, in addition it is in front of the current shop Admise, convenient for shopping Saturday after noon.

    The champo, for cinema is the place to go. We see films that don't go anywhere else and the atmosphere is like a cocoon.

    Home. I travel a lot for work so I'm really happy when I get home and can welcome the people I love!